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From acne to anti aging Ivy does it all …. and does it beautifully!
I have been a client of Ivy Halford since 1993. I originally needed facials from Ivy to help treat and subsequently prevent acne. Within a short period of time ivy treated my acne, eliminated my scarring through bimonthly microdermabrasions and taught me how to nurture my skin and prevent premature aging. Prior to meeting Ivy, I was the consummate sun bather and that included sunscreen free skin prior to sun bathing! After meeting Ivy 26 years ago I have NEVER walked out the door without applying my sunscreen.
She is an incredible mentor and advocate for healthy skin care.
Over the 26 years I have regularly had facials and micros with Ivy, her style is gentle yet thorough and she is a true professional.
Now my teenage daughter regularly meets with ivy for facials and micros. At the age of 13 she already has amazing skin care habits thanks to the teachings of Ivy! After 26 years of knowing and working with Ivy I can say without hesitation that she is the best out there! She has transformed our skin and taught us healthy skin care habits that will last a lifetime.
Treat yourself to the magic of Ivy!
Dr. Leslie R.