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Ivy with Healey Joe (a.k.a. Luver Girl)

IVY, a trailblazer in the Health, Wellness, and Beauty Industry, is bringing her outstanding experience in Clinical Skincare—welcoming all people, all ages, all skin types.

With forty years of experience as a Paramedical Esthetician and a Member in good standing of the Local 706 Union of Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists, Ivy opened her business in order to address the needs of clients with a myriad of persistently ‘difficult’ skincare problems such as acne, acne scarring, surgical scarring, rosacea, dermatological allergies and issues, fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage. Ivy spent ten years at Dermatology Associates in Beverly Hills, California, as one of the most sought-after Paramedical Estheticians. She combines that knowledge with her numerous credits as a Hollywood Union Make-Up Artist to bring natural beauty, health and wellness to her trusting and discerning clients.

Ivy’s Mobile Skincare Van

Ivy services only one client at a time as personal attention is of the utmost importance and the center of her business philosophy. Specializing in Transformational Skincare and Make-Up, Ivy combines her Clinical skills as a Paramedical Esthetician with the art of corrective make-up to help treat blemished skin and cosmetically camouflage damaged surface tissue and scars. Ivy shares her tried and true tips and at home regimens with her clients, helping them get to that beautiful skin underneath it all. Ivy works very closely with Board Certified Dermatologists, and Plastic Surgeons, thus ensuring that each client receives the most innovative and customized care possible.

Considered one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets (service provider for the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants (ACPA) for true body transformational treatments including skin and body care, along with make-up consults and applications. Ivy loves helping her clients prepare for auditions, TV and Film shoots, headshots and special occasions. Ivy will take whatever time is necessary to get your skin clean. You will see and feel the difference. Ivy merges doctor-grade state of the art equipment with her premium natural products that tame the wildest skin from head to toe.

The creation of Ivy’s Skin Luv has Ivy leading the path to researching and developing innovative techniques and products for people and their pets. Ivy consults with beauty companies to help find the right equipment and products for their growing businesses and teaches their employees how to set up shop and techniques in helping their clients achieve the very best skincare possible.

Ivy is also the Brand Ambassador for Diamondtome exfoliation systems. Ivy absolutely loves Diamondtome as it’s helping her change skin and lives around the world.

For your convenience, Ivy’s Mobile Skincare can come to you for a private appointment on the set , your home or her studios. She is licensed to practice in the states of California, New York, Arkansas, Colorado, Maine and Texas.

“I have known Ivy Halford for eight years and referred her many patients. She is one of the best aestheticians out there—from personality to ability. I would recommend (and do) my family and anyone seeking the best aesthetician services.”
Glynis Ablon, M.D., Ablon Skin Institute